production team

A team for the production unit is a must. It ensures efficiency, creates the plan, manages the production logistics, and keeps the event on track. The production team guarantees the success of any live events. The production team will contain the critical crew members like:


The Producer is the main person and is in charge of all the production logistics. They will work with the clients to develop the creative elements and content of the product before the event.

Production Assistant

Providing the support and assisting the Producer and the crew is the work of the Production Assistant. He plays a supporting role, and they are considered as a jack of all trades.

production team

VIP Concierge

A VIP concierge is one of the prominent people who handle the planning and execution work of the event. With all the expert knowledge, they implement their overall technical, logistical, and creative skills and elements to help an event succeed. Their works include event design, audiovisual production, build strategies, partner sourcing, partner management, budgeting, networking, negotiation, client service, and logistics. The production manager and his team will focus on running the event from concepts to live shows, to implementation, till loading out.

Stage Manager

A stage manager is a person who will sit in the tech booth to have a clear view of the stage. They supervise the execution in a production of all the show elements. They let the show flow smoothly and communicate directly to their crew members during the performance or presentation. They are sometimes referred to as a show caller as they take care of the live performances on the stage, whereas other producers took care in Pre-Production time.

production team

Graphics Operator

This technician operates graphic elements and the presentations in a production unit. They are responsible not only for creating graphics but also for managing the on-site changes. During the presentations, the graphic operators will show the graphics when prompted.

Audio Engineer

There will be two audio engineers, A1 and A2.
A1 is a person who is responsible for installing, designing, and operating the audio system during the show or a meeting from the venue. He works in the tech booth and monitors levels for all audio sources in a program.
A2 is an audio technician who will assist the A1. Their work comprises coordinating the frequencies of the wireless connections to the microphones, lavalier microphones on the presenters, and managing the crew’s communication requirements. They are usually for large meetings or shows with multiple microphones. They are found backstage, monitoring the equipment in the audio.

production team

Lighting Designer

The LD or the lighting Designer is responsible for the supervision and designing of the installation of the events lighting package in a show. Considering the technical requirements, the LD develops the lighting plot, and also, with his artistic knowledge, they do the lighting concerning the color, intensity, and coverage.

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