Event Production

The process of any event is a massive responsibility with so much work to keep moving. The things you do during the event production process are just half the battle.

Pre Production

To start any event, you first need to start with some ground-level work. The preparation should be started three months prior, and it may be till the day last day in the production process,

The team needs to be with the clients throughout the plan. They need to coordinate with the graphics and edit the videos. They must start with a script to execute and build the production schedule.

Event Production

Budget planning

Start planning with the budget to know the estimated amount that would be required to make the show successful. To reach the crew members for the plan, you first need to know the budget to process further.

Reach out for Technicians

Event Production

After planning for technicians, you need to approach technicians and confirm their presence. Their lodging, travel booking, and others cost a lot, so keep aside some budget for them.

Assets and equipment

Before two months of the event, the furniture and the other necessary accessories are to be rented or purchased. To keep the cost at a minimum and work efficiently, the AV vendors should be booked early and negotiate the price. To keep all the things within the budget, think of utilizing the best elements at a lesser price.

Event Production

Coordinate with the clients

One of the significant parts of pre-production is coordinating with the clients with their presentations, PowerPoint, and scripts. It isn’t necessary to explain the whole process and how you are running the show. Certain things are to be changed at the last moment or while the event is going on. So, get ready to face any consequences, and the production company succeeds when they ask the right questions and focus on removing odds and unknowns.

Set and design rooms

Event Production

One more important thing for any of the events is to get the rooms for design. The main focus will be on the simple stages, pipe & drape, and projection screens when there are smaller shows.
Large shows will have a rented backdrop or a customer fabricated backdrop, and that’s where the communication and coordination of a successful production come into the picture.
You should be able to match the lighting, audio, and video to ensure you have proper AV gear to bring a set back to life. The distance should be measured from the screens to projectors, and design the lighting and truss rigs. It should all be in a proper manner so that they fit in the room.

Production schedule

Event Production

Before a month of the event, the production team must draft the production schedule. The prepared program must contain the outline of when the AV vendor trucks should arrive at the docks, show Crew and load in call times, client rehearsals, loan schedules with meal breaks, and technical crew. The draft should also tell about the show, events, time, and details of the load and travel back.

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