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  Valentine's Day Dash Seattle  
  Tunnel of Love  


  Started in 2011, we are offering up some space at our Tunnel of Love area on the course for you to share a note of love to someone you are participating with, or if you are a spectator for someone who is participating in the event.  

The Tunnel of Love area of the course is located close to the 2.9 mile point of our 3.1 mile course and is visibly identifiable by the Tunnel of Love sign we made for last year's event. This section of the course happens to have a long chain link section of fence that is perfect for hanging/taping your signs to. Map.

To help you in your sign posting, we have created a graphic that you can download and write a message on. Use it as you would like or make a sign of your own.

Want someone special to post a sign for you? Start dropping the hints and be sure to show him or her this page.