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  The Mashed Potato Munch Off
  Welcome to Green Lake's first competitive eating contest!
  Sponsored by the Eastlake Bar & Grill, this competitive eating contest is destined to become the talk of the local community. As a contestant or a spectator, be sure to come watch this event.
Purchase a raffle ticket for $1 and then wait to see onsite if you are one of the eight lucky people who get selected to compete in this competitive eating event.
All eight contestants will compete head to head to see who can eat the most mashed potatoes within four minutes time. A winner will be crowned, given all the money raised via the raffle entry and will additionally win a life-time entry into the 5K portion of the Green Lake Gobble 5K event (for as long as it exists).
Thanks goes to the Green Lake Bar & Grill for making the mashed potatoes.
We're taking a guess on an age requirement for this event and ruling that you must be over the age of 18 to compete.
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