What is the Lard Butt 1K? 

The Lard Butt 1K is a one-kilometer event dedicated to below-average athletes and weekend warriors. 

How far is one kilometer? 

One kilometer is roughly six-tenths of one mile; or, 1000 meters. 

Is it a run or a walk?

Both!  For those with the audacity to run, we have a “show-off wave” (expect some heckling) and for the rest of us who choose to walk, we have a “waddlers wave”.  We also have a “legends wave” for those who weigh 250 pounds or more.

Are you making fun of big people?

No, we're poking fun at ourselves and our fellow below-average athletes everywhere.  Lard Butts exist in all shapes and sizes and we welcome all comers.  In fact, if we see anyone at the event who's being mean-spirited, we'll have them removed from the premises -- and only after we sit on them first! 

What is the course like?

The Lard Butt 1K course takes a .62 mile (one-kilometer) loop around Missoula's Silver Park.  It's a nice, level course in a great setting with plenty of room for all to enjoy.

Where do I pick up my shirt and bib?

There will be a packet pickup the day before, Friday July 19, at Universal Athletic (Holiday Village shopping area -- 1926 Brooks Street) between the hours of 10AM and 7PM. We strongly encourage anyone who can make it there to do so, since it will reduce the lines and wait time on Saturday morning.  If you can’t make that and come in the morning, just plan to arrive early to Silver Park on the big day! Registration opens at 10:30 a.m, in advance of the NOON start....and there will be plenty of signage throughout the park to help you find the starting and registration areas.

What about bathrooms?

There are several full restrooms around the park, including at the starting/finish areas.  We'll supplement those with a row of portable bathrooms.

 Is it dog-friendly? 

Yes – please remember to leash your furry friends and to clean up after your pup! 

 What’s with the Costumes?

We at Lard Butt appreciate creative costumes, so come decked-out  (better yet, bring a team) in whatever garb you think best reflects the Spirit of Lard Butt and wear it throughout the event!  In our other cities, we've had everything from sumo wrestlers and dancing dinosaurs to entire teams of fishermen looking to snag donuts.

 What about Kids?

They're welcome to attend, but can't be in the beer garden, of course.  We will have a “kids wave” for those 10 years of age and younger.

 What do I get for my registration fee?

In addition to event participation, you get a very cool shirt commemorating the event, donuts and other snacks on-site!  And for those 21 years and older – your choice of a beer, mimosa, or cup of wine. 

 When is it?

Saturday morning, July 20, 2019.  There is a detailed timeline in the “Information” section of this site. 

 I’m actually in great shape and want to participate –is that okay?

Absolutely!  Lard Butts come in all shapes and sizes and we welcome all comers.  Plus if you happen to be fast, you have that much more time to enjoy the Beer Garden!

 I’ve never done a run or walk – is this a place to start?

Absolutely!  The Lard Butt 1K is a perfect confidence builder for those of us who just want to get moving a bit, but not too much.  After all, anyone can sign-up for a 5- or 10-K, but few have the chance to get started with a 1K! 

 I’m super competitive and want to track my performance….Will it be timed?

Absolutely Not!  We are replacing timing chips with chocolate chips.  If you are a hard-core competitor determined to be recognized and rewarded for your speed and prowess, the 1K might not be your cup of tea….it’s more like a bag of donuts!   That said, you’re welcome to bring a sportwatch to track your own time….some of us in the waddlers wave will use sundials. 

 What can I bring for the University of Montana Food Pantry?

Please bring at least two canned food items....imagine if 1,000 of us each bring two items!  That's making a great local impact.  Please see the "Charity" tab of this site for more details.