It's your time to shine!

Find fellow employees, family members and/or friends and challenge the competition in the quirky yet somewhat competitive Briefcase Relay event.

Teams consist of 5 people who each run a kilometer of the 5K course while dressed from the waist up in business attire. Each team must carry a briefcase that is relayed from team member to the next until the last (the 5th) team member crosses the finish line.
Traditional briefcases are somewhat extinct so teams may use other types of bags to carry the canned food. Most common bags types are laptop bags or bike messenger bags. #1 rule is that NO SHOULDER STRAPS are allowed. The bags must be carried by hand.
Click here to see a pdf of the course route and the four briefcase relay exchange zone locations.
Each team must carry FIVE STANDARD SIZED CANS OF FOOD inside their briefcase. After the relay, all teams will then be asked to donate the cans of food to the FamilyWorks food bank who will have a booth onsite at the event. Confused on what can size is allowed, see the graphic to the right.     
All teams should remember that "business attire" is in the eye of the beholder. Bankers, Bakers, Billboard Holders, etc. The costumes are up to you just as long as they represent a profession.

LOWER TEAM BRIEFCASE RELAY FEES - Started in 2012, we have lowered the entry fee for the Briefcase Relay event! Rather than the $150 per team pre-registrant entry fee we had in the past, teams can run in the Briefcase Relay for just $100 per team if they register before April 30th. It's $125 from May 1 through May 31st and $160 day-of.

Fine Print - If you are interested in also participating in the 7pm 5K it will cost you $10 more per registrant but if you register in time, you will receive a Brooks technical fabric shirt as your event shirt.