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Start:  NW 54th Street, adjacent to the City parking lot for the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks

Proceed west on NW 54th Street that then becomes Seaview Avenue North. Merge into northwest bound lane(s) only. Continue northwest and north on Seaview Ave. NW approximately 1.4 miles to the turnaround point before Golden Gardens Park.

Return southbound and southeast bound on Seaview Ave. NW to 38th Ave. SW, where the Burke Gilman Trail crosses Seaview Ave. NW.

Turn right off of Seaview Ave. NW onto the Burke Gilman Trail and continue to 32nd Ave. NW.

Turn right off of the Burke Gilman Trail onto 32nd Ave. SW and into the back gate of Chittenden Locks Park for the finish directly adjacent to the Locks.

The Kids Dashes will take place inside the Park,  using the finish loop as well as the complete path surrounding the Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden